Letterpress Greeting Card

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5 card Mystery Pack

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Type: Birthday

Get a sweet deal on not quite perfect but still perfectly sendable cards—because your mom isn't going to notice a bent corner or weird fleck in the paper, she'll just be thrilled that you care.

Choose your pack:

 Birthday: Pretty self explanatory

 Holiday: A solid mix of Christmas and Holiday, maybe a Thanksgiving or New Year card thrown in there

 Love & Friendship: A selection of our greatest every day cards

 Sweet: All kindness, no snark, no swearing

 Salty: Our most sailor-mouthed, snark-filled, dark-humored mix

 Wildcard: A true grab bag with no particular rhyme or reason

Additional Info

• The paper is 100% tree-free and manufactured using wind and hydropower

• Each card is individually printed on Petunia, a hand-fed and treadle-run Chandler & Price press manufactured in 1923

• Single cards are packaged in a clear compostable sleeve. Boxed sets are packaged in a kraft box with clear lid.

• Due to the handmade nature of letterpress printing, slight variations in color may occur

This Card plants trees

We've partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every sale.